Facebook is changing and becomes stricter to the users.

Mark Zuckerberg launched his plans to merge social networks Facebook and Instagram with WhatsApp. He believes this will increase the level of protection of user data, as well as provide an opportunity to sell advertising successfully.

The project should be completed 2019 - 2020, planned that after the unification, unique users of each application will be able to communicate with their interlocutors in all three systems. So the Instagram user will be able to send messages to the user in WhatsApp, even if the latter does not have an Instagram account.

According to the latest researches, the number of fake users is approaching 1 billion (50% of the active audience). Fake accounts click on advertisements or like to trick the bot detection algorithms. 

Isn't it evident that Facebook takes new steps in the fight against content that is contrary to the policies of the site? Soon all profiles will have a new tab, which will announce the removal of prohibited content.

Facebook is going to fight recidivism to prevent dubbed pages from being used by those who deleted them. 

Users will experience the adoption of new measures in the coming weeks.


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