SEO! Why doesn’t it have much sense anymore?

Probably every business wants to know the fastest and most reliable way to the top search results in Google - this is a million dollar question that business would gladly pay. Unfortunately, there is no answer for a million. Why does this happen? Let's try to deal from an SEO point of view.

It's early.

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Webmasters should be patient when it comes to SEO.
You need to do everything right, and every step must be done in order. For research, development and implementation of SEO strategy, filling the site with quality content takes time.
Then search engines will need even more time to make changes to the issue. Algorithms will decide whether you are of interest to users. Experts say that in most cases it takes from four months to a year to implement the correct SEO strategy and see its results.
Patience...a lot of patience.

Keywords have different meanings.


Many companies went through this experience. You are writing a great article with a keyword that is important to you - for example, offering a website SEO service. The page appears in the top, hangs there for a long time and suddenly goes down. You did nothing, but the page disappeared from the top. If you carefully review the content of the first page, you will understand: Google does not believe that people searching for the term “SEO” are looking for a studio offering search engine optimization.
Instead of this, users are trying to find as much information as possible about the notorious SEO. Therefore, Google offers them informational materials.
But don't think that you can't make the page under the desired word. Your computer just thinks different.

You have a beautiful website, but your SEO...

Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash
Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

You paid a fortune for a designer and a very modern website. Yeah, in general, the pages look very solid, but for the main keywords, they hopelessly lost to the competitors made on free templates. Why does Google not appreciate such a luxurious and convenient site?
There can be several reasons:
  • Duplicate content
  • Not enough content
  • Old, outdated content
  • No blog or another way to continually update content.
  • Empty meta tags, old images
  • Too complicated navigation

You promote the site in a vacuum.

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You consider your site as if it exists separately from the rest of the Internet. These days SEO in a vacuum does not happen: it coexists with its neighbors and assistants, such as SMM, content marketing and other ways of promotion. We have to assume that today search engine optimization is more integrated into different strategies than it was ten years ago.
Parameters such as time on the site, the number of clicks, the number of mentions on the Internet and participation in social networks - it all affects the ranking of your website.
Of course, some has less effect, others more. But remember, today Google is considering a lot more signals than you can publish directly on the site.
We do not say that regular posting on Twitter or Facebook is directly related to the best ratings. Social networks lead you to an increase in popularity, quoting - and gradually you will grow in the eyes of the PS.

Competitors are doing more.

Search engine optimization is no longer a secret that competitors have never heard of. SEO is an integral part of nowadays marketing. Remember that every link, every blog article that you don’t publish plunge your website into a competition.
You probably think that you have done enough, but suddenly there will be someone who works more. Tomorrow your competitor will show you how SEO helped him to reach aims.

Every little step is a part of a big way.

You’ve done it to the last lines. It means you are really interested in the SEO topic and probably doubt somehow. Don’t doubt as long as you have superheroes at Eridamis who are ready to shake Google algorithms and fasten your website to the top.


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