MIXTAPE is a debut book of a beautiful lady Ranya Nehmeh.
She turned to us for creating a website to promote her new book. We have developed a creative concept of the site MIXTAPE. Following consultations, it had been decided to make a vintage, thematic, attractive promotional site that will be remembered by its visitors.

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Individual creative approach to website development
The client liked the proposed concept, and we got to work. We developed a bright and memorable design with a drop of animation.

The project had the following requirements:
- Simple design, made in the style of "vintage" with a themed illustration.
- Cross-browser compatibility.
- Playlist block under each chapter with the ability to go for a playlist.
- Separate Blog page.
- Limited budget and terms of site creation

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It took only a few days to approve the design of the site - from the first layouts to the final decision while taking into account all client’s wishes.

A website that opens incorrectly on mobile devices can cause a negative user experience. Therefore, we decided to make the site adaptive for various mobile devices and tablets, so that interaction with the site stays comfortable and pleasant for users.
The site design was developed from scratch with the client’s needs. We created three versions of the design:
-for computers;
-for mobile phones;
-for tablets.

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At the end of the project, we conducted an educational course with a client and prepared detailed instructions on how to work with the control panel of the site. In this course, we explained how to edit the content of existing pages, as well as how to add new ones.


"I had the pleasure of working with the Eridamis team when I commissioned them to design a website for a project I was working on in 2018. They came up with great ideas and concepts on how to make the design more creative and innovative but still keeping it easy to use. They were extremely professional and efficient in the way they work and were available at all times for any questions or queries from my side. As a result, I ended up with a great website, which exceeded my expectations and was delivered even before the agreed completion date. They also provided me with a customized manual highlighting how to make any changes to the website when I needed to. All round, an excellent experience. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to customize a website." - Ranya Nehmeh


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