How to make your sales successful?

We as marketers know how to make people BUY a product. Want to have some useful tips? Here we go: 

The atmosphere can influence your choices

The atmosphere can influence your choices

Use Priming Effect! What is that? Priming is an implicit (hidden) memory phenomenon, in which the reaction to the action of a given stimulus influences the response that occurs in response to subsequent stimuli. In general, it is like autopilot. To take advantage of the effect of priming, you can influence the various channels of perception. For example, if your product for promotion has a unique, recognisable structure, you can remind him of it by changing the handles of baskets and carts in the supermarket. If clients recognise you by color, then you should not neglect accents in the interior. The smell can also have a significant effect - so, the needles and citrus fruits will set up the buyer on the New Year fashion, the smell of baking will increase sales in the bread department, and the scent of ripe apples - in fruit. Impacts can be combined by attacking at the same time eyes, hearing, touch and smell.

Shortage of offer

Shortage of offer

Do not we want to own something rare and unique? Always do! The principle of deficiency is incredibly useful in marketing, persuading and optimising conversion (with skillful use certainly).

Let's have a look at a few examples. Booking.com hotels around the world Booking.com can do a lot, including the shortage.

This includes a pair of triggers operating on the principle of deficiency:

  • “Have time to book today at this great price” - a hint that the offer will soon be unavailable.
  • "Booked today 26 times" - shows how favorite the hotel is.
  • "5 users are viewing the page now" - says about the struggle of visitors for the offer.
  • "You did not have time!" - Damn it, did not have time. Need to be more agile next time.
  • "In demand - we have four numbers left" - this is the most blatant claim for a deficit on the site.
An excellent example here is H&M with their collaboration collections. Customers are hunting for the pieces from those collections, staying in the long queues.

Shortage of goods makes us want it more.

People hate to lose

People hate to lose

What is the difference between not taking losses and not taking risks? The benefits of a cash gain depend on previous experience. In some studies, it was assumed that the damage is two times stronger psychologically than the acquisition. We are naturally not prone to lose and hate losses - regardless of whether it is money or simple points.

People prefer to buy M from the selection of Small/Medium/large

When we have the largest to the lowest options, we usually choose the middle one. According to the research conducted by large fast food chains, 80% select the size of M, regardless of the options offered to them.

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