Digital trends in 2019

2018 was a busy year for the digital industry. There are many exciting innovations and tools which simply push the market forward. The volume of expenditures on Internet advertising was leading compared to other advertising channels. 

What to expect from 2019? Read the overview of the main trends from Eridamis.

User Content Growth

Think with Google did research which shows that the accuracy of the information is the most important criteria for 86% of the audience, and surely among the Millenials, this percentage is much higher. 

Knowledge of the consumers’ needs becomes a critical factor in maintaining and increasing loyalty. User-generated content will continue to be on demand, campaigns will become more diverse and more creative, and their mechanics will be much more sophisticated.

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Omnichannel Marketing will be on top.

Omnicanality implies a systematic approach. What does it mean? 

The main task is to create a unique communication system. Different online resources, social networks and mobile applications that work altogether, “picking up” the consumer in a right time and making his interaction with the brand smooth and continuous.

The average consumer now owns 3.2 devices. If a brand is willing to achieve a quality result, a brand must be present in each of them to attract attention and remain relevant. In a situation where almost 30% of the audience is "mobile only," and the number of unique users is growing, it’s impossible to concentrate advertising campaigns separately from each other or continue to drive traffic only to the desktop version of the website.

Integrated CRM systems also work on this goal, which not only accumulates customer data but also analyzes this data for further work with them. Wi-Fi-sensors in retail outlets transmits information to a CRM about how often you appear in certain places and what you prefer to do, for example, after work.

Concentrate on Video content. 

According to Google research, in 2019, users will spend more time online for the first time than in front of TV screens. 

The television advertising market begins to stagnate, and we have to assume that the total global budget for the production of online video advertising will grow by 17% annually. Rapid growth is waiting for the industry in live online broadcasts.

The advantage of that format is that you have a choice from plenty of different forms (reports, video blogs, interviews, discussions), that allows you to adapt your content for almost any audience.


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It is an essential component of internet marketing. A large amount of data and tools for combining them makes it possible to form consumer portraits, as well as for various communication scenarios in the digital environment. Personalization is moving towards the most significant possible automation. A manager can only control the overall processes of the formation and launch of advertising campaigns. Advertisers have begun to use personalized creatives, landing pages, and even play not only on the frequency of contact but on the relevance of the offer increasingly.

Voice assistants.

One of the emerging trends is voice services. The number of people regularly using voice assistants is increasing. Already, the mobile audience has exceeded desktop fans and will continue to grow with the share of voice search.

If we assume that our predictions come true, marketers will inevitably begin to optimize online content for voice search, which is very different from the traditional one. Voice queries will be formulated more freely than typed ones, their average length will increase. According to a study from Think with Google, a typical voice query is about twice as large: from 1–3 words in a print search, it grows to 3–5 words in a voice search. Developing new voice adapted content can be one of the main trends of next year.

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